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My Walk Down Glammy Lane

November 24, 2011 by Joelle  
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In honor of my upcoming appearance on Glam Fairy this Sunday, I thought it would be fun to post photos from when Alexa did my makeup for my wedding (2008) and Planet Verge photoshoot (2009).

Paper towels are the new very attractive accessory…

Finished! I was IN LOVE with my makeup.

With my pin-up usherettes. You’ll read more about these ladies in my book!

Planet Verge TV photoshoot at Angels and Kings, NYC. Makeup by Alexa and hair by Mandy at LaSorella Bridal.

LOVE the sparkles on Jordana!

Here’s a behind-the-scenes video from that day! At this time, I confided in Alexa that my marriage was beginning to crumble.

This is at Alexa’s Jerseylicious Season 1 premiere party. I went with my friend Maria (opposite end), who you’ll read about in my book. She was one of the girls who reached out to me during my divorce and helped me pick up the pieces of my life!  No longer married to a hair stylist, my look began to suffer. This above cut was a Supercuts disaster! I was trying to save money and not splurge at a pricy salon like I was used to, but boy did I learn my lesson!

This is a video interview I shot DIY that night:

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